Male Enhancement Techniques That Work

We all want to satisfy our partners. However, we may not always feel like it is happening for us. This may be due to various reasons. One of them is not having the ‘perfect size.’ Well, a perfect size might be relative, but most people prefer to have a couple of inches more than the average.

While you can always work with what you have, there is also something that you can do about it.

Male enhancement techniques that could work for you.


This might be quite expensive, but if you have the money why not? Penile surgery is one of the most effective male enhancement techniques. Most of the people who have gone through this kind of surgery have experienced an increase in about 2 cm in their penis. How does it work? It can either be through penile augmentation or suspensory ligament release. Penile augmentation may involve grafting cells from other body parts into the penis. Suspensory ligament release, on the other hand, involves the cutting of the suspensory ligament resulting in a longer penis.

• Supplements
This is one of the less invasive male enhancement techniques. These products may come in the form of pills or patches. You can also find ointments. You must be asking yourself if these products are safe. Yes, most of the products are safe. However, it is essential that you examine the ingredients to affirm that.

• Penis pumps

These devices are usually used for treating erectile dysfunction. The penis pumps draw blood into the penis causing it to swell. If you do not have strong erections, this could be a good remedy. However, you need to note that the moment the blood is drained from the penis on the removal of the pump, the erection might go away.

For this reason, it is advisable that you use the penis pump alongside other tools like cock rings. This will restrict blood from flowing from your penis, and you will be able to keep the erection for a longer time.

• Penile exercises
Does the penis get some workout too? Yes! And, it is by all means healthy. It is important to note that if they are done right, you are bound to benefit. If done wrong, you could injure your penis or cause irreversible damage.

Some of the most common penile exercises used for penis enlargement include jelqing, kegels, and stretching. The results are usually noticeable as people add a centimeter or two within a few months of the exercise.

• Traction
The other male enhancement techniques involve the use of traction devices. The method entails pulling the glans of the penis for a given period.

Remember that most of the male enhancement techniques have side effects. Before settling for a specific technique, take time to understand what the side effects may be and whether you will be able to cope with them. Such information may also help you prepare for what is coming or avoid certain penile enlargement methods all the same.


Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegels are associated with women. What you might not have known is that they carry immense benefits for their male counterparts too. If you have not tried doing Kegel exercises for men, then you are missing the point, and you should start today. On top of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, kegels have a lot in store for the bedroom department.

How Kegel exercises for men improve sexual performance

Harder Erections
Let’s face it. Feeble erections are problematic. Everyone wants to have hard erections. It is why they are called hard-ons in the first place! Harder erections will not only increase the sensation but will also help your partner reach her peak faster. If you have been struggling to get quality and hard erections, it is about time you took on kegel exercises for men.

How do they work? It is pretty simple. Note that kegels are concerned with making the pelvic floor muscles boost blood flow to the penis and groin. If there is enough blood flow, then it means the erections will be harder too.

Increased pleasure
Since kegel exercises look to improve the blood flow to the groin area, it only means that the sexual experience will be heightened too. Increased blood flow increases libido and also results in harder erections, making the experience more enjoyable.

Delayed ejaculations
Have you been struggling with premature ejaculations? This is more reason as to why you need to do kegels. Premature ejaculation is often the culprit for leaving your partner high and dry: you need to do something about it. Kegel exercises go a long way in helping you gain control of your pelvic floor muscles. With that, you will find that you are able to contract your muscles or relax them when need be. That is all you need to be able to control your ejaculations.

Delaying ejaculations will earn you more extended hours of having sexual pleasure.

Increased orgasms
When it comes to orgasms, the more you have, the better! If you are tired of the single orgasm you get after hours of pumping, kegels is the ideal remedy. How does it happen? Remember that kegels help you with gaining control over your pelvic floor muscles. That means that you can be able to control the number of orgasms you get over a given period.

The beauty of Kegel exercises for men is that they are natural ways of enhancing your sex life. There are no side effects attached to them, and that is the best part. More so, you can supplement kegels with other male enhancement techniques for a better penis and sex.

That includes lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking, penile enlargement devices like a penis pump and even therapy. For best results, you need to integrate kegel exercises into your routine and practice it as many times as you can. It is also essential that you do them right. If you do, you should not expect pain or any form of discomfort.

How to do Reverse Kegels

Many would like to know how to do reverse kegels. You probably thought kegels are only meant for the ladies. Well, surprise! They are literally for everyone. Reverse kegels are exercises that help you relax your pelvic muscles. Is there a difference between kegels and reverse kegels? Certainly.

Note that the kegels look to contract and release the pelvic muscles whereas the reverse kegels look to release and relax the pelvic muscles.

Benefits of reverse kegels
So what’s the deal with reverse kegels? It is well known that they do have a significant impact on one’s sex life. That is through:

• Increased libido
• Stronger orgasms

The benefits are more general. Now, since the topic of focus is the male folks, reverse kegels tend actually to have more for you than you thought. Narrowing down, here is what to expect reverse kegels to do for you.

• Increase the strength of your penile muscles.
• Increase your stamina
• Increase your control over the penile muscles
• They also prevent premature ejaculation
• Improve erectile dysfunction

How do you locate the right muscles?
To get this exercise to work for you, you need first to identify the right muscles to work. If you are new to this, you might have challenges with finding them. Have you controlled bowel movement or urination before? It is that simple: you just found the muscles to work on! Now the next step to take would be to empty your bowels and bladder before you get started. From there, what you will be doing is to releasing the muscles as you inhale. By so doing, your pelvic floor will be lowered.

Master the standard kegels first
If you have no clue of how the standard kegels are done, you might have trouble with getting the reverse kegels right. It is, therefore, better if you start with the basics. The goal is to ensure that you can control your pelvic muscles. Kegels are quite easy.

All you will do is act as if you are trying to stop urine. Remember that all this is to be done when your bladder and bowels are empty. This is to ensure that you do not direct your energy to the wrong muscles.

As you contract and relax your muscles ensure that you are also breathing evenly.

Reverse kegels
You can now come to the elephant in the room. If you have managed the standard kegels. Reverse kegels should be a walk in the park.

• To get started, you need first to choose a position. You have several options: lying on your back with knees bent, sitting and while standing.
• Start contracting your muscles like you would if you wanted your pee to come out faster. By so doing you will be shifting pressure away from your prostate. Relax the muscles, and you will notice that your perineal body will move downwards. You can then lift
• Hold your penis and lift it abit as you proceed with the contractions. This is the reverse kegels. Hold it for about seven seconds then release.

For better results, repeat the exercise for a couple of times, about ten sets will do. You are also allowed to hold the reverse kegels for more extended periods. Do not forget that should be done on an empty bladder and bowel! The results should be in a couple of weeks or months.

Penis Clamping: How to Do it Right

penis clamping

Penis clamping can do you good if done correctly. If you have been looking to increase your girth, penis clamping is a familiar term. While most people tend to pay more attention to the length of the penis, the girth holds equal importance. In spite of there being other methods of increasing the girth of the penis, penis clamping is one of the most effective and natural techniques. Unlike other methods like penile surgery, penis clamping does not have grave consequences.

What is penis clamping?

Well, as the name suggests, it is the act of clamping your penis or applying a clamp to your penis with the intent of increasing the girth of your penis. Despite being effective, not doing it the right way will not give you the results that you anticipate. The following is a guide that will help you get it right.

•   Apply the clamp

First of all, being fully erect is the first step towards successful penis clamping. If you already have your boner, then you are ready for this. Looking at your penis clamp, you will find that it comes with penis sleeves. It is what you are supposed to use to slide the clamp down the base of your shaft. Remember to do it gently and stay erect through this step. Once the sleeves are comfortably at the base of your penis, you can start clamping it slowly until you feel slight pressure. The clamp is meant to give your penis a ballooning effect.

•    Force blood into the penis

Step two of penis clamping will involve forcing blood into the penis. Besides the pressure applied at the base of the penis, there is more work for you. Note that the reason why you are clamping in the first place is having s little blood as possible leaving your penis. You should purpose to have as much blood as possible flowing to the penis and very little of it, if not none, exiting.

•    Incorporate your pelvic muscle in penis clamping

Why do you need to use the pelvic muscle? Remember that the step preceding this one encourages pumping as much blood as possible to the penis. The pelvic floor muscle is what you will use for this. If you are unsure of how to go about it, it is simple. It is something that you have been doing, only that you have not been aware that it is the male version of kegels.

To move your penis up and down while erect, there are specific muscles that you need to involve. They are the same muscles that we are talking about: the pelvic floor muscles. Contract and relax these muscles. Consequently, blood will be forced into the clamped shaft. In return, the muscles of your penis will be stretched over time.


Note that you cannot stay too long with the penis clamp on. You will notice that you can only endure the pressure for a few minutes. Do not overdo it. Also, it takes time to get used to penis clamping. It will get to a point where you can handle up to 15 minutes. You should, however, not be in a rush.

Essential Oils for Penis Massage

Can a penis massage improve your sex life? As a matter of fact. Many people have given the exercise a shot, and it seems to be working pretty well. However, you need to note that there is more to a penis massage. You need to use the right oils for you to get the best results. Among the benefits, you should anticipate better erections and an increase in penis size. It is not in vain that essential oils have for a long time been used to treat erectile dysfunction. What that means is that you can count on them to give you the desired results.

The following is a list of essential oils that you can work with.


Well, it seems like ginger is not only limited to being useful in the kitchen. Ginger extracts will make the best essential oils. For one, they contain anti-inflammatory properties. It is something that has been tried and tested. Ginger extracts are great at stimulating sperm production and even reducing infertility. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect oils to do a penis massage, ginger extracts should be on top of the list.

Olive oil

If you do a regular massage on your penis using this oil, you will not a significant increase in size after a while. How effective is it? Some people get erections twice their organ size thanks to this method. What olive oil does is boosting blood flow to the penis resulting in a stronger and a healthier penis.


Tests done on rats found that cinnamon extracts promote reproductive health. In what way? Cinnamon extracts stimulate the production of sperms by increasing the serum antioxidant levels. As a result, normal spermatogenesis is maintained, and the testosterone levels are enhanced. As you may well be aware, testosterone makes a significant contribution to the growth of the organ.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera extracts for penis massage will do wonders. Aloe Vera is known to fix a wide array of other health conditions. A discovery has been made on the benefits that it could also have on reproduction. In this case, you are talking about the increase in testosterone levels, which is the beginning of a fantastic reproductive life and a strong and healthy penis. More so, Aloe Vera has been useful in treating sexual dysfunctions. It is for those reasons that Aloe Vera makes the best oils for penis massage.

Coconut oil

The reason why coconut oil makes the best penis massage oil is that it has no side effects hence not harmful to the penis. Well, the oil is also excellent for hormone production, in this case, testosterone. Coconut oil makes one of the best non-toxic penis massage oils that will help in boosting blood flow to the organ and enhance your sex life.


Penis massage is one of the safest and most effective methods towards a strong and healthy penis. Although there is still no tangible evidence that essential oils for a fact cause a significant increase in the size of a penis, they still make a significant contribution to healthy reproductive organs.

Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel exercises for men can assist in improving bladder control in men and also enhance sexual performance for me. This is if you are able to do these exercises correctly and for a duration that can bring about results. Despite the popular belief, Kegel exercises are not just for women. Men can also perfectly use these exercises to enhance their performance in bed and ensure that their partners get the much-needed satisfaction.

Kegel exercises for men can go a long way in improving and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that support the bowel and bladder. That is why Kegel exercises are also called pelvic floor exercises. If you engage in pelvic floor exercises consistently, you can get sexual performance benefits. Additionally, Kegel exercises can help you experience more powerful orgasms as well as harder and prolonged erections.

What Exactly Are Kegel Exercises for Men?
Urinary incontinence in men can be as a result of a frail urinary sphincter. This may come about after a prostate or bladder surgery. You may also get this as a result of having a bladder that has difficulties when it comes to contractions. For this purposes, pelvic floor muscle exercises for men can help you improve and sometimes regain complete control of your bladder. In this sense, bladder control improves not only your urinary experiences but also your sexual performance.

You can do Kegel exercises for men any time and for as many instances as you wish. You can do this for five minutes two to three times a day for the best results. However, you need to locate the right muscles and target them for the best benefits and results. This is how you can do Kegel exercises for men.

How to Do Kegel Exercises Correctly
Kegel exercises are very easy to do if you know where the muscles to target are located. It is also easy to locate these muscles. The easiest time when you can locate the pelvic floor muscles is when you are urinating. This is how to locate the muscles;

• Stop or try to slow down when half way through urinating.

• Avoid tensing the leg, buttock and abdomen muscles.

• Avoid holding your breath.

• If you can slow or stop urinating, you have located the pelvic floor muscles successfully.

Once you have located the muscles, you can now start your Kegel exercises. This is how you can do Kegel exercises for men successfully;

• Tighten your pelvic floor muscles for a slow count of up to five. Depending on your level of Kegel competence, you can start by contacting for three seconds and relaxing the muscles for another three seconds.

• Release the muscles for a slow count of five. If you were holding and relaxing for three seconds, you can do this consistently. Make this repetitive to as many times as ten in a day.

• Try Kegel exercises in different positions such as sitting down, standing and walking.

Kegel exercises for men can help to improve your sexual performance. If done correctly and the right muscles targeted, men can reclaim their lost glory in bed. Kegel exercises can be done as many times in a day and in different positions such as sitting, lying, standing or even walking.

Jelqing for Natural Penis Exercise and Enlargement

What is jelqing? Would you like your penis to grow bigger and stronger in a natural way? It is safe to expect that many guys would answer this question in the affirmative, even those with considerably fair-sized members. Since time immemorial, men of all walks of life have gone to extreme and sometimes precarious extents to increase the size and girth of their sexual members.

The thought of having longer erection durations has also led to men trying all sorts of penis enlargement and exercises including jelqing. This is a term used to refer to the act of milking or massaging the penis in an effort to increase its size and girth. The exercise is believed to improve the power and extent to which your penis can go in terms of erection and performance. Men do this in order to improve the flow of blood from the base of the penis to the tip.

Middle East Origin of Jelqing

This penis enlargement technique is believed to have originated from the ancient Middle East. However, it is now known and practiced all over the world. The technique is popular because it involves no medication or any particularly special or prior training.

This is apart from the usual lubrication needed such as Vaseline, baby oil or lotion. Fathers in the ancient Arabic world would teach their sons how to perform the milking technique so that they would become proper bed partners later in life.

It is true that you can enjoy a fulfilling sexual life regardless of the size of your penis. It is not a must that you need to alter your penis dimensions for longer erections or more ejaculations. However, this has not deterred men from taking risks to enlarge their penises to enormous lengths. Some cultures and mainstream media consider an enormous, profound, and long-erecting penis as a source of prestige and respect. 

Does Jelqing Exercise Enlarge the Penis and Improve Erections?

Many people report that they experience penis enlargement and growth as a result of this technique. Because it involves pulling and stretching the penis, some men feel that their organs become bigger and more erection-friendly. Their organs become stronger and more resistant to penile dysfunctions.

In the scientific arena, the technique has not been proven to increase the size of your penis or improve erections. Some argue that it has more or less the same effects as masturbation. However, if done correctly, the doctor can recommend it on psychological grounds.

If you are unable to achieve a robust erection, suffering from penile dysfunction or low libido, jelqing can be good for you.  The exercise can help you understand the intricacies of erections to ease any anxieties associated.

No Harm in Jelq Exercises

If done correctly, this penis enlargement technique is not harmful in any physical manner. There is nothing wrong in trying the technique and work up your penis size, and make your erections longer. Here is how to jelq in the correct manner;

  • Start by ensuring that your penis goes up to about 70 or 75 percent erection levels. Stop immediately if erection goes full-fire because this can risk injuries to the organ.
  • Apply lubricant and grab the organ from the base using the index and thumb fingers. It will seem like you are making the “OK” sign. Work upwards to the tip.
  • Apply slight pressure as you pull towards the tip. Repeat from the base and ensure that each jelq lasts about 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Try different grips if unhappy with the “ok” one. You can even use a penis pump to increase satisfaction.
  • Avoid overstimulation because this is not masturbation.

Jelqing is, therefore, a king of penis massage with an aim to pull, stretch and enlarge the penis. There is nothing wrong for men to carry out this milking exercise in order to reap the fruits of better sexual satisfaction and up their ejaculation levels.